Cleaning Products & Cooking Accessories Offer
May 2024 Terms & Conditions


Offer is exclusive to Miele for Life members and non-transferable, not valid for cash or cash equivalent, cannot be used to buy other Miele appliances or applied to previous purchases nor combined with any other offers or discounts including price matching of any other retailer. Only original claims with a valid Miele for Life customer number will be honoured. Offers can only be used with purchases made in New Zealand. All offers available while stocks last. Miele has the right to cancel or change any promotion at any time without notice and in its sole discretion. All monetary amounts specified in these terms and conditions are in New Zealand dollars (NZD). Promotions may be subject to availability. For enquiries please call 0800 464 353.

ACCESSORIES & CLEANING PRODUCTS Offer: Purchase selected Miele cooking accessories & cleaning products and save an additional 10% off the already reduced promotional price. Promotion available 1 to 31 May 2024. Applicable models:  Cartridge UltraPhase 1, Cartridge UltraPhase 2, Twin Dos Set, Cartridge UltraPhase 1 Sensitive, Cartridge UltraPhase 2 Sensitive, Twin Dos Sensitive Set, Ultraphase 1 Elixir Cartridge, Ultraphase 2 Elixir Cartridge, UltraPhase 1 FloralBoost, UltraPhase 2 FloralBoost, UltraPhase 1 Edition125, UltraPhase 2 Edition125, Twin Dos Care, UP1 Container, UP2 Container, Ultracolour (1.5lt), WoolCare (1.5lt), Ultradark Detergent (1.5lt), UltraSoft (1.5lt), Sportswear (250ml), Sport (1.5lt), UltraColor Edition125, UltraColor FloralBoost, UltraColor Elixir, UltraColor (1.8kg), Sensitive skin (1.8kg), Ultrawhite (2.5kg), Fragrance Flacon Aqua, Fragrance Flacon Cocoon, Fragrance Flacon Nature, Fragrance Dry Fresh Flacon, Fragrance Flacon Edition125, Flacon Aqua 3 pack – Year Supply, Flacon Nature 3 pack – Year Supply, Flacon Cocoon 3 pack – Year Supply, Flacon Dryfresh 3 Pack – Year Supply, Flacon Aqua/Nature/Cocoon 3 pack – Year Supply, Flacon Edition125 3 pack – year supply, Caps Down Care 6 pack, Caps Booster 6 pack, Caps Sport 6 pack, Caps Woolcare 9 pack, Caps WoolCare 3×9 pack, Caps Cotton Repair 3 pack, Caps Fabric Conditioner Aqua 9 pack, Caps UltraDark, UltraColour + UltraWhite 6 months supply, UltraColor + WoolCare Winter set, UltraColor + FloralBoost set UltraColor + Sport set, UltraColor + Refresh Elixir set, Ultratabs All in 1 – 20 Pack,Ultratabs All in 1 – 60 pack, Ultratabs All in 1 – 180 pack, Dishwasher Powder (1.5kg), Power Disk PCR, PowerDisk Eco, Power Disk 6 pack PCR, PowerDisk 6 pack ECO, Dishwasher Rinse Aid (500ml) PCR, Dishwasher Salt (1.5kg), Intense Clean, Microfibre cloth (1pk), Auto Descaling Cartridge, Auto Cleaner, Cleaning agent for milk pipework (100pk), Oven cleaner (500ml), Cleaning Tabs for Coffee Machines, Ceramic & s/steel cooktop cleaner (250ml), Descaler , DG Cleaner, Dish Clean, Descaling Tablets 6 pack, Steelcare, HydroCleaner, Coffee Care Set, Intense Clean, HAL5900 CS 90cm Décor Strip, HKL60 CS 60cm Décor Strip, HKL60 BL 60cm Décor Strip, HAL90 – 90cm Décor Strip, HFC 61, HFC 70, HFC 71, HFC 72, HFC 91, HFC 92, HUB 5000 M, HBD 60-22, HUB 5001 M, HUB 5001 XL, HUB 61-35, HUB 62-22, HUB62-35L Induction Casserole Dish, HBD 60-35, HBB 51, HBB 71, HBBL 71, HUBB 51, HUBB 71, HGBB 51, HGBB 71, HGBB 91, HBBR 50, HBBR 71, HBBR 72, HUBB 91, HGBB 91, HBF 27-1, HBFP 27, HBS 60, DGG 2, DGG 3, DGG 7, DGG 9, DGG 15, DGG 20, DGG 20XL, DGG 1/2 120, DGG 1/2 80L, DGG 1/2 40L, DGG 1/1 – 40L, DGGL 1, DGGL 4, DGGL 5, DGGL 8, DGGL 10, DGGL 12 Perforated steam oven container, DGGL 1/2 40L, DGGL 1/1 – 40L, DGD 1/2, DGD 1/3, DGG 20 XL Unperforated steam oven container, DGGL 20 XL Perforated steam oven container, DGSE, DGSB, Gourmet Griddle Plate, KMTY Teppan Yaki, KMTS5704-2 All Steel starter set (1.5 l/2.5 l/4 l/frying pan) , KMBP2800-2 frying pan (28 cm) , KMKT2040-2 pan (4 l, 20 cm) , KMKT1825-2 pan (2.5 l, 18 cm) , KMKT2460-2 pan (6 l, 24 cm).
Use discount code MFLTEN67 at checkout to receive your discount. Strictly while stocks last. Applicable to new customer orders placed during the promotional period. This offer is exclusive to Miele for Life members and non-transferable, cannot be taken as cash, cannot be used to buy other Miele appliances and cannot be used in conjunction with any other Miele offer or promotional vouchers and requires a separate transaction. Please process the exclusive Miele for Life offer separately from any other items, we apologise for the inconvenience. Only original claims with a valid Miele for Life customer number will be honoured. Redeemable at your nearest Miele Experience Centre or online. Not redeemable after 31 May 2024. For enquiries please call 0800 464 353.