The Perfect Blend: Mastering Home Coffee with Miele and Allpress

From the resurgence of traditional brewing methods to innovative new flavours and specialty coffee concoctions, coffee enthusiasts are set to be inspired by the new collaboration between Miele New Zealand and leading specialty coffee crafters, Allpress.

With a considered coffee range and a focus on consistency, developed and crafted for over 30 years, Allpress has become an icon, instantly recognisable in over 1,500 independent cafés around the world.

Coffee creates moments that bring people together and teaming up with Miele, this collaboration promises to transform and elevate your home coffee experience. Let’s take a deeper look.

Home Barista Mastery with Miele and Allpress

With Miele’s cutting-edge coffee machines offering over 21 beverage selections, from the robust ristretto to the creamy flat white, the art of coffee making is at your fingertips. The secret? A series of bespoke settings for your machine, designed to extract the best from each bean.

Equipped with DirectSensor Display, Miele coffee machines are simple and intuitive to use. An impeller fan sweeps the grinder after each coffee ensuring no leftover residue between drinks, and with our intuitive AutoDescale system, the need for manual descaling is drastically reduced, allowing you to set and forget.

From AromaticSystemFresh, an exclusive feature designed to deliver the freshest possible coffee, to a range of four PerformanceModes that perfectly complement the cafe-at-home lifestyle.

Setting up your Miele machine is a breeze, and understanding each tailored setting means every cup is a masterpiece. Whether it’s adjusting the grind to suit your morning espresso or frothing milk to velvety perfection for your afternoon latte — you will be creating those magical Miele moments for yourself, friends, and family in no time. Working with Allpress, we have perfected the ideal setting for your Miele coffee machine. The art of coffee making has never been easier.

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Bean Selection: A Guide to Flavour

The soul of a great coffee lies in its beans — their origin, aroma, and roast play pivotal roles in the final taste. Perhaps you prefer a full-bodied, earthy character and your partner prefers something a little more herbal and savoury flavours? Or perhaps you are a Ristretto aficionado, and they are more cappuccino with extra froth with their morning toast?

With dozens of beans and brews to choose from, our machines make it easy to save your favourite drinks with up to 10 user profiles – and they can greet you with a personal touch. User profiles store all parameters for your favourite drop, including size, water to milk ratio and temperature for individual coffee enjoyment. And Miele’s exclusive CoffeeSelect feature allows you to enjoy up to three different types of your favourite coffee beans, each seamlessly stored and assigned to different drinks within the machine. A perfect solution for households with multiple coffee enthusiasts.

We also love that Allpress’s Hot Air Roasting method ensures each bean’s unique profile is honoured, delivering consistent results that sing in your cup. When selecting beans, consider the notes and aromas that resonate with you — whether it’s the chocolatey depth of a dark roast or the bright acidity of a lighter blend.

Coffee Table Delights: Recipes to Impress Your Guests

Coffee is far more versatile than its given credit for, particularly when it comes to entertaining. Imagine serving a tiramisu where the delicate layers are infused with a rich espresso blend, or dishing up a delectable coffee granita with brioche and soft cream. Perhaps your guests would prefer coffee braised carrots with rye, dill and maple crème fraiche, or a coffee-rubbed brisket that melts in your mouth, its depth of flavour enhanced by a smoky roast.

These recipes not only showcase your culinary flair but also the versatility of coffee as an ingredient. Pair them with your favourite Miele-crafted beverages for a dining experience that guests will rave about long after the evening ends.

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Grounds for Change: Recycling Coffee Waste

Apart from the love of a good brew, ensuring every cup of coffee not only tastes exceptional but also honours the planet and its people is key.

Miele’s innovative coffee machines come equipped with EcoMode, significantly reducing energy and water usage. And did you know there’s no need to toss those spent coffee grounds either; repurpose them as natural exfoliants, garden enrichers, or even DIY cleaning agents. With compost bins stationed at Allpress locations, contributing to a greener planet is as simple as enjoying your daily brew.

Thanks to this exciting collaboration between Miele and Allpress, brewing a cup of coffee is no longer a chore to be endured but a ritual that respects the bean’s journey and celebrates innovation.

Whether you choose a built-in or a freestanding machine, you are guaranteed to thoroughly enjoy your brew with a wide variety of coffee specialties crafted just for you.

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